Non-Profit Organization



Our Organization

HICCIP was founded on March 16, 2013 and was formally registered to Securities and Exchange Commission on June 25, 2013 as a non-stock/ non-profit organization following a nationwide operation composed of Muslim Scholars, Professionals and Businessmen.

By the same year, HICCIP received its first accreditation from the Philippine Government through National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) as a duly Accredited certifying body officially engaged in the classification and certification of certain local products as HALAL (Lawful for Muslim consumption according to the Shariah Law). 

Over the years, HICCIP established itself as a credible international certification body by garnering recognitions from international bodies such as JAKIM (malaysia), MUIS (Singapore), and CICOT (Thailand). It continues to establish partnership with different stakeholders that includes government and non government institutions accross the world.

Despite being a full Muslim organization drived by the purpose of serving the Ummah for the sake of ALLAH SWT, HICCIP's program and services abides to non-discrimantory principles and maintains an open policy to individuals and companies, Muslim and non-Muslim consumers alike to be able to fulfill its avowed goals for the halal industry.

Our Vision

The HICCIP is envisioned to be the preferred and leading chamber of commerce for promoting and enhancing halal businesses and industries in the Philippines.

Our Mission

The HICCIP seeks to promote the development, proliferation, and enhancement of halal entrepreneurship, businesses and industries. This entails the best energy of promotional and support services through halal certification, idea generation, business model innovation, appropriate information and communications technology, networking, strategic alliances, as well as educational and information campaign on local, national, regional and global fronts.



Our Members

Our members is composed of various businessman, professionals, experts, and Islamic scholars all over the country. We work hand in hand with people from different sectors to ensure only qualified and professional services to our clients.

Our Structure

Our organization is a structure of different departments and committees. Each department carries distinct functions.

Headed by the President, Management Committee is responsible for the day to day operations of the HICCIP Inc.

Halal Certification Department works side by side with the Shariah Advisory Council. This department carries the halal certification services of HICCIP. The HCD is composed of different technical experts and professionals, while the Shariah Advisory Council is manned by different islamic scholars and leaders, they have the sole authority in giving the final decision or fatwas in granting Halal certification.

Other committees and departments include: Business Promotion, Crisis Management Committee, Legal Council, Social Services, Finance, and others.