HICCIP and Propak Philippines have teamed up to to bring about an environment where businesses can thrive, promoting the development and growth of the halal industry. The collaboration will also serve as a venue for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and best practices among stakeholders in the industry, ultimately benefiting both consumers and businesses.

Propak Philippines is a leading exhibition and conference organizer that specializes in the packaging, processing, and printing industries. As part of its partnership with HICCIP, Propak will play a crucial role in organizing and hosting events that will bring together stakeholders in the halal industry. These events will serve as a platform for businesses to showcase their products and services, exchange ideas and best practices, and connect with potential clients and partners.

This is also a great opportunity for companies that produce halal products as this partnership will allow these companies to showcase their products with packaging solutions that meet halal standards. In the food and beverage industry, halal certification is essential, particularly in countries with a significant Muslim population. It ensures that products are prepared and manufactured according to Islamic laws and standards, using halal ingredients, and following proper hygiene and handling practices.

Packaging plays a vital role in maintaining the quality and safety of products, preventing contamination, and extending shelf life. Thus, packaging solutions that meet halal standards can help companies preserve the integrity of their halal products.

Through the collaboration of HICCIP and Propak Philippines, companies can learn more about halal certification and explore packaging options that comply with halal standards. This partnership can also increase consumer trust and demand for halal products, promote the growth of the halal industry in the Philippines, increase awareness of halal products and services, as well as the benefits of halal certification. With the growing demand for halal products in the Philippines and around the world, it is crucial to create a supportive environment for businesses looking to enter this market.

Overall, Propak Philippines' role in the partnership with HICCIP is critical to the success of the events and initiatives aimed at promoting the halal industry in the Philippines. Through its expertise and resources, Propak Philippines will help create a supportive environment for businesses in the halal industry, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of the sector in the Philippines.

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