Halal Certification

As one of the leading Halal ceritifying body in the Philippines, we provide affordable and internationally recognized certification services to interested companies. Our team is dedicated to proliferate the Halal industry by way of Halal certification. We conduct inspections, trainings, and consultancy through our wide range of network, partners, and experts. Our Halal Certification Department is assuring the quality of a product based on the results of Auditors on-site inspection, Halal Management Committee study, Laboratories and Ulamah Council “Muslim Scholars” fatwa/rulings.


Halal Business Promotions

As a chamber of commerce, we promote our client's certified products and establishments to investors, consumers, partners, and affiliates in different activities and events that HICCIP actively takes part in.

The pursuit of this policy has become even more convenient for the organization. It shall not only enlist the tri-media but it also effectively mobilize its Council of Ulama “Muslim Scholars” as well as its affiliates and supporters from the religious sector whose members enjoy support and moral ascendancy among Muslim communities not only in the Philippines but in other countries, especially South East Asia and the Middle East.

Partnership and Membership

Our aim is to be a platform where different businesses in the Halal industry can conduct business matchmaking. This can be done by building a broader but stronger network through partnership and membership. We also actively participate in different events and activities with the hopes of securing different opportunities and also extending opportunities we can offer as well. Membership is open for muslims and non-muslims alike.

Social Services

Our engagement is not only limited to clients and investors but also to members of different communities - with the help of our members and partners, we lend a helping hand and organize different social programs to help our fellow Muslims and other communities that are in need.

Education and Training Programs

With the help of our affiliates and members from the academe sector, we organize different academic activities, training and consultation program on Halal certification, this includes raising Halal awareness among communities. In partnership with different academic institutions, part of our program is to offer scholarships to students that are in need.